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Employers are required by law to maintain an environment free of hazards for workers. Even so, employees get hurt on the job all the time. Workplace Accident Lawyer Kevin M. Cortright protects the rights of employees who are injured in accidents at work.

An employee who sustains injuries from a workplace accident does not pay for medical care related to the injury. By law, these costs are to be completely covered by the employer’s workers compensation insurance. The process for obtaining workers compensation benefits is complex, and the skills of an experienced workplace accident attorney may be necessary for the employee to gain access to the benefits to which they are entitled.

Palm Springs Workplace Accident Lawyer

With over 10 years of experience, Mr. Cortright helps injured workers obtain the maximum financial compensation and medical care the law allows. If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job, call (951) 677-8064 or (760) 325-6900 and arrange for a complimentary consultation with Murrieta and Palm Springs Workplace Accident Attorney Kevin Cortright. We take these matters on contingency. Our clients do not pay attorney fees upfront.

Workplace Accidents in Southern California

Work accidents happen in all industries and cause serious injuries to workers at all levels of employment. In California, the employer is required to carry workers compensation insurance which takes care of the costs of work injuries. All expenses related to the injury must be covered and not passed along to the worker. This includes instances in which the accident or injury was the fault of the worker.

Injuries sustained from workplace accidents are classified as “specific injuries.” These injuries originate at a specific time, date, and place. The following are examples of common workplace accidents:

  • An accident occurs during the scope and course of the employee’s regular employment.
  • An accident occurs during travel for work.
  • An accident occurs during a work event which aggravates a preexisting injury.
Murrieta Workplace Accident Lawyer

When an employee passes away in a fatal workplace accident, the family and dependents may qualify to receive death benefits. Palm Springs and Murrieta Workplace Accident Lawyer Kevin Cortright takes a compassionate and aggressive approach in these matters to help families through this difficult time.

There is a limited amount of time to file a workers compensation claim. After a workplace accident, reporting the injury to the employer and seeking appropriate medical attention for the injury is the primary concern. Documentation of treatment, doctor visits, and related expenses for the injury can help to strengthen your case. Work Accident Attorney Kevin Cortright personally handles all aspects of these cases from beginning to end.

You May Also Have a Personal Injury Claim

Palm Springs Workplace Injury Attorney

In some cases, the injured worker may have two separate claims. If your work injury was caused by someone other than your employer, you may be able to pursue legal action against the other party. Work Accident Lawyer Kevin Cortright is skilled at handling these third-party personal injury claims.

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