Workers Compensation Specific Injury Attorney

Specific injury, according to California’s Workers Compensation Law, refers to an injury that happens during one event or a single experience at work. This injury comes about during a one-time occurrence. As an experienced Workers Compensation Specific Injury Lawyer, Kevin M. Cortright helps workers with specific injuries obtain access to quality medical care and financial benefits.

For the purpose of workers compensation, workplace injuries in California are identified by the manner in which the injury occurred: specific injury or cumulative trauma injury. on-the-job injuries are covered by workers compensation benefits, and the amount of benefits depends upon the type of injury. Mr. Cortright fights for his clients to get the maximum benefits.

With over ten years of experience helping injured workers, Murrieta and Palm Springs Workers Compensation Specific Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright understands the financial and emotional stress that accompanies the physical pain after a work injury. He has earned a reputation of listening to each clients’ goals and helping the client achieve those goals.

Workers Compensation Specific Injury Attorney

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Types of Workers Compensation Specific Injuries

If you are hurt at work in California, and the injury happened suddenly or during a one-time event, your injury is considered a specific injury. This type of injury can occur in all industries and includes a wide range of situations.

If your injury happened on a specific date and at a specific time, it is considered a specific injury. The following conditions are specific injuries.

  • A fall causes a back injury.
  • A spill or splash of a toxic substance causes a burn to a worker’s skin.
  • An employee slips from a ladder and hurt his or her back.
  • Lifting a heavy object injures the shoulder of a dock worker.
  • A manager trips and hurts his or her knee.
  • Something falls on a cashier and injures his or her hand.
  • An explosion damages the hearing of a factory worker.
  • A sales rep falls down some stairs and injures his or her neck.
  • While making deliveries, a driver’s leg is broken during a car accident.
  • A machine accident severs the arm of the operator.
  • A construction worker is struck by a piece of equipment and suffers a head injury.
Workers Compensation Specific Injury Lawyer
Workers Compensation Specific Injury Law Firm

There are countless ways an employee can get hurt at work. Even though employers are required to maintain a safe working environment, workplace accidents and injuries still happen. In all industries and at all levels of employment, workers continue to suffer serious injuries.

If the injury was sustained while the worker was involved in a work-related activity, the injury is covered by workers compensation benefits. As a highly knowledgeable Workers Compensation Specific Injury Attorney, Mr. Cortright can help you understand the process for receiving these benefits.

Workers Compensation Injury Attorney

Common workers compensation injuries include:

  • Back Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Vision Impairment
  • Hearing Loss
  • Respiratory or Lung Damage
  • Toxic Substance Exposure

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