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In the event a work injury is caused by another person or something other than your employer, you may have grounds to bring legal action in a personal injury claim. This action is called a third-party liability lawsuit.

With extensive experience in workers compensation matters, Murrieta and Palm Springs Lawyer Kevin Cortright is a highly knowledgeable third-party liability claims attorney. It is important to know that a third-party settlement may have an effect on your workers compensation benefits. By handling both the third-party claim and the workers compensation case, Mr. Cortright can coordinate these measures to maximize the amount of benefits you receive.

Contact Third-Party Liability Lawyer Kevin Cortright at (951) 677-8064 or (760) 325-6900 to discuss the details of your situation during a free consultation. Mr. Cortright can provide the help you need in order to get the benefits you deserve for your injuries.

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Personal Injury Claims and Workers Compensation Benefits

After a workplace accident, you have only one opportunity in which to obtain the quality medical care and financial compensation you will need to help you recover from the work injury or illness. At the Law Offices of Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright, we can help you pursue workers compensation benefits and all additional avenues of liability in workplace injury cases.

Palm Springs Third-Party Liability Claims Attorney

Work-related personal injury claims can come from any industry when the work injury or illness was caused by another party. The following are examples of third-party liability claims in diverse industries. 

  • Construction Accidents and Injuries - On a construction site with many potential pitfalls, a worker may by injured by defective equipment. Legal action may be necessary against the equipment manufacturer or retail outlet.
  • Industrial Accidents and Injuries - Using sensitive materials in a factory, a worker may be injured by an explosion when safety protocols are not followed by a vendor. Legal action may be warranted against that vendor’s company.
  • Auto Accidents - During a delivery or on a sales call, a driver may be injured due to dangerous road conditions. Legal action may be warranted against a governmental agency for improperly maintaining the roadway.
  • Truck Accidents - Safety on the road is the primary concern of truckers and trucking companies. However, a truck driver and others may be injured when the truck’s brakes fail due to defective parts. Legal action may be necessary against the parts manufacturer.
Murrieta Third-Party Liability Claims Lawyer

When a worker dies in an industrial accident, Murrieta and Palm Springs Third-Party Liability Claims Attorney Kevin Cortright can help you explore the options of a third-party lawsuit in addition to workers compensation death benefits.

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