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If you or a loved one have experienced an injury in the workplace, Temecula Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright is ready to assist in obtaining the medical care and workers compensation benefits that are deserved.

In the state of California, workers who have been injured have rights to medical and financial benefits by means of the workers compensation program. Oftentimes, the problem lies in the complex process of gaining approval for the workers compensation claim. As a highly knowledgeable workers compensation claims lawyer, Mr. Cortright focuses on helping clients navigate through governmental red tape and receive the benefits that are needed.

Temecula Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright knows a serious workplace injury can heavily impact one’s life. He is prepared to help injured clients get things back to normal. To arrange a complimentary consultation at our workers compensation law firm, call our office at (951) 677-8064. We provide a casual and welcoming environment where you can ask questions, find out about your rights, and learn what your options are. Our work injury lawyer accepts cases regarding workers comp on contingency. We do not collect attorney fees upfront.

At the initial consultation, Temecula Attorney Cortright will discuss the circumstances involved in your injury. Mr. Cortright analyzes every possible area of liability in order to gain the highest compensation for clients.

Temecula Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright

What to do After a Work Accident and Injury

When someone is hurt at their place of work or develops an illness or injury related to work, the employer must be notified. The injured employee should obtain needed medical care as well. When the injury is reported, this establishes the workers compensation claim. If the report regarding the injury is delayed, this could cause the medical and monetary benefits to also be delayed.

We are a workers compensation law firm with extensive experience in these cases. Our office fights for individuals who have been given only substandard medical care, have been denied benefits, or who have had their benefits delayed by unlawful insurance company or employer tactics. Temecula Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright meets personally with each client and diligently works to gain the workers comp benefits and medical care that are deserved.

Temecula Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workers Compensation Lawyer for Temecula

Working out of two Southern California law offices, Work Injury Attorney Cortright advocates zealously for injured workers across the state. Mr. Cortright has been able to secure favorable outcomes for thousands of individuals dealing with diverse issues.

Since starting his career in insurance defense, Mr. Cortright has gained insight into how to effectively prepare a case for success. Temecula Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright takes care of every detail that relates to the work injury you have experienced, including the following types of matters.

Temecula Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright

Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer

Federal and state law directs that an injured worker can recoup the costs of medical care and income lost due to being injured on the job. Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney Cortright is ready to discuss your case and explain how to secure benefits related to medical care, permanent or temporary disability, and other financial compensation.

Workers Compensation Claims Attorney

As an experienced workers compensation benefits lawyer, Mr. Cortright offers skilled legal counsel. He can help gain approval in the complex process of workers comp claims.

Work Injury Lawyer

From specific injuries that occur from one incident to cumulative injuries that develop over time, Temecula Work Injury Lawyer Cortright will fight to protect your rights and wellbeing.

Temecula Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workplace Accident Attorney

Although the majority of employers remain committed to workplace safety, on-the-job accidents and injuries are still occurring. Workplace Accident Lawyer Cortright helps employees who have experienced many types of workplace accidents.

Workers Compensation Death Benefits Lawyer

If a work injury tragically proves to be fatal, Workers Compensation Death Benefits Attorney Cortright can assist in securing the financial compensation due the spouse, children, and other qualified dependents.

Call our Knowledgeable Workers Compensation Attorney

Our workers compensation attorney has been helping injured workers for over a decade. If you have been injured due to another individual’s negligence or intentional actions, Temecula Work Injury Attorney Cortright is ready to advise you and discuss pursuing a third-party liability personal injury claim.

Call our firm at (951) 677-8064, and we will make an appointment for a no-fee consultation. We can also be reached online through our contact form. Our office will respond in a timely manner.

By means of the proper medical assistance and monetary compensation, Temecula Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright can help you put your life back on track after suffering a serious work injury. Contact our office today!


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