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If you have suffered an injury at work, Palm Springs Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright is prepared to help you get the workers compensation benefits and quality medical care that you are entitled to receive.

In California, injured workers have the right to financial and medical benefits through the workers compensation process. However, getting your workers compensation claim approved can be complex. As a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney, Mr. Cortright works diligently to help clients navigate their claims through the government red tape and gain access to the benefits they need.

Palm Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright understands the way a serious work injury can interrupt your life, and he is available to help you get your life back on track. Call our workers compensation law firm at (760) 325-6900 and arrange a free consultation. Our office offers a casual, welcoming environment for you to ask questions, learn your rights, and get answers about your options. Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright accepts workers comp cases on a contingency fee basis. Our clients do not pay attorney fees upfront.

During the initial consultation, Mr. Cortright will engage you in a discussion on the circumstances of your injury. He pursues every avenue of liability to obtain the maximum compensation possible for each client.

Palm Springs Work Injury Attorney

Steps to Complete after a Work Injury

If you have gotten hurt at work, or if your illness or injury is due to a work-related activity, your employer is required to be notified. You should also get the appropriate medical assistance. When you report the injury to your employer, it establishes that you have a workers compensation claim. Any delay in reporting your injury may cause your medical and financial benefits to be delayed.

Our workers compensation law firm has extensive experience with these cases. We fight for clients who have received substandard medical care, denied benefits, or delayed benefits due to unlawful employer or insurance company tactics. Palm Springs Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright personally meets with clients and works to help them obtain high quality medical care along with the appropriate workers comp benefits.

Palm Springs Work Injury Lawyer

Workers Compensation Attorney Representation in Palm Springs

From two offices in Southern California, Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright aggressively advocates for injured workers throughout the state. He has secured positive results for thousands of clients in many types of cases.

After beginning his career in the insurance defense industry, Mr. Cortright understands the best way to prepare these cases in order to achieve a successful outcome. Palm Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright handles every detail relating to your work injury, including the following:

Workers Comp Benefits Attorney

State and federal laws are designed to help the injured worker recover lost income and medical expenses related to an on-the-job injury. Workers Compensation Benefits Lawyer Cortright may be able to help you secure financial payments, medical care, or temporary or permanent disability payments.

Workers Compensation Claims Lawyer

Workers Compensation Claims Attorney Kevin M. Cortright provides experienced legal guidance to get your claim approved through the complex workers comp claims process.

Work Injury Attorney

Whether you have sustained specific injuries that occur in a single instance, or whether you have a cumulative injury that developed over time, Palm Springs Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright is prepared to fight for your rights.

Workplace Accident Lawyer

Even though most employers are committed to safety, workplace accidents with injuries are still happening. Workplace Accident Attorney Cortright helps workers who have been involved in a wide range of accidents.

Workers Comp Death Benefits Attorney

If an individual succumbs to work injuries, Workers Compensation Death Benefits Lawyer Cortright helps secure financial compensation for the children, spouse, or other qualified dependents.

Palm Springs Workers Compensation Attorney

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Palm Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer

Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright has more than 10 years’ experience helping injured workers. If your work injury was the result of another’s intentional or negligent actions, he may be able to bring a third-party liability personal injury claim.

Contact our office today by calling (760) 325-6900 to schedule a free consultation. You may also connect with us online, and we will respond soon.

With the appropriate medical assistance and the financial compensation to which you are entitled, Palm Springs Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin M. Cortright will help you put your life back together after a severe work injury. Call us today!

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