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If you have had an injury occur while at work, Palm Desert Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright can work to gain the medical attention and financial compensation that is deserved.

In California, injured workers receive financial and medical benefits through workers compensation. Problems can arise when trying to access such benefits due to the complexity of the workers compensation claim and approval process. Our workers compensation claims attorney is highly knowledgeable and able to help clients navigate the red tape and gain the benefits to which they are entitled.

Palm Desert Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright is aware of how heavily a workplace injury can impact an individual. Our firm works to assist injured clients in regaining their normal life. To make an appointment for a free consultation with Work Injury Lawyer Cortright, call our workers compensation law firm at (760) 325-6900. Our office is welcoming and casual, and you will receive answers to questions regarding your rights and the various options available for your specific situation. We accept cases on contingency, not charging attorney fees until a favorable outcome has been reached.

Part of the initial consultation will include Palm Desert Attorney Cortright discussing the circumstances of the injury in order to discern all possible areas of compensation. He carefully analyzes all areas of liability to ensure the highest compensation is gained for each client.

Palm Desert Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright

Steps to Take After a Work Accident or Injury

If an injury or illness related to work has developed, proper notification must be given to the employer. Needed medical care should also be obtained. Reporting the injury to the employer will establish the workers compensation claim. Any needless delay in reporting the injury may cause benefits to be delayed as well.

Our workers compensation law firm has extensive experience with many types of cases. We stand up for the interests and rights of those who have been denied their benefits, have received inadequate medical care, or have been subjected to illegal tactics by the insurance company in order to delay benefits. Palm Desert Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright meets with every client personally and focuses his efforts on gaining the proper medical care and workers comp benefits.

Palm Desert Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workers Compensation Attorney for Palm Desert

Serving the community from two law offices in Southern California, our work injury lawyer is a zealous advocate for injured workers throughout the state. Attorney Cortright has skillfully secured positive outcomes in thousands of cases involving diverse circumstances.

After beginning his career in the field of insurance defense, Attorney Cortright gained an insider perspective on how to prepare an effective case. Palm Desert Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright handles each detail relating to your work injury:

Workers Comp Benefits Attorney

According to state and federal law, injured employees can be compensated for medical costs and lost income relating to the work injury sustained. As a skilled workers compensation benefits lawyer, Mr. Cortright is able to explain the proper way to secure benefits such as temporary disability, permanent disability, and medical care.

Workers Compensation Claims Lawyer

Our workers compensation benefits attorney provides insightful and effective legal counsel. Mr. Cortright works to help clients navigate the complex workers comp claim process and gain approval.

Work Injury Attorney

Whether you have suffered a specific injury or a cumulative injury that has developed more slowly over time, Palm Desert Work Injury Attorney Cortright can fight for your rights and needed medical care.

Palm Desert Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright

Workplace Accident Lawyer

Even though most employers are committed to maintaining a safe workplace environment, on-the-job accidents still happen. Workplace Accident Attorney Cortright can help employees who are dealing with various kinds of workplace injuries.

Workers Compensation Death Benefits Attorney

If a loved one has lost their life due to a workplace accident or work-related illness, Workers Compensation Death Benefits Lawyer Cortright may be able to help gain financial compensation for qualified dependents such as the children, the spouse, and others.

Consult with an Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

Palm Desert Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright has over ten years’ experience helping injured clients. Have you or a loved one been harmed by the negligence of another individual? Our Palm Desert work injury lawyer can offer legal guidance and discuss the possibility of a personal injury claim.

To reach our law firm, call (760) 325-6900. We offer a no-fee initial consultation to discuss your case. We also offer an online contact form and will respond promptly when your form is submitted.

By obtaining needed medical care and proper financial compensation, Palm Desert Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright may be able to assist you in getting back to your normal life after going through a severe work injury. Contact us today!


When coming from Palm Desert City Hall to our office, begin by going west on Fred Waring Drive. Turn right onto Highway 111. Take a slight right at South Indian Canyon Drive. Turn right at East Tahquitz Canyon Way. Our office will be on your right, at 777 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way.