Menifee Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Individuals who have been injured on the job can look to Menifee Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright for help gaining the medical care and monetary compensation that they are due.

California workers who have been injured are provided medical and monetary benefits by means of workers compensation. Because of the complexities that exist in workers comp regarding claims and approvals, problems often arise when an injured worker tries to access benefits. Mr. Cortright is an experienced Workers Compensation Claims Lawyer who helps people navigate through the red tape and obtain their benefits.

Menifee Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright knows the great extent to which an injury can impact someone’s life. He works to help clients get their lives back to normal. For a free initial consultation with our Menifee work injury attorney, call (951) 677-8064 to reach our workers compensation law firm and make your appointment. We maintain a comfortable and welcoming office, and Mr. Cortright will provide answers to your questions about what your rights are and how best to proceed in claiming the compensation you are due. There are no attorney fees charged until the case has been favorably resolved.

During your initial consultation with Menifee Attorney Cortright, he will take time to make sure he understands all the circumstances and details of your injury. This enables him to identify every possible source of liability to achieve the highest level of compensation for injured clients.

Menifee Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright

What to do Following an Injury at Work

When you are injured at work or become ill due to work, it is imperative that your employer is properly notified. Any medical care needed should be obtained. Once the injury has been reported to the employer, the workers compensation claim is established. If this report is delayed, there could be a delay in benefits as well.

Attorney Cortright’s workers compensation law firm is extensively experienced in work-injury cases. He believes in standing up for the rights and interests of those who were injured. This includes gaining justice for workers who were denied benefits or adequate medical care as well as for those who were the target of illegal tactics on the part of the insurance company for the purpose of delaying benefits. Menifee Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright personally consults with each and every client so he can better direct his efforts on gaining the medical and financial benefits that are deserved.

Menifee Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright

Workers Compensation Lawyer for Menifee

By serving clients from two offices, our work injury attorney can better advocate for injured employees in local communities of Southern California. Attorney Cortright has gained thousands of successful outcomes in a wide range of injury cases.

Because he started his career in the field of insurance defense, Mr. Cortright has insider knowledge on how best to prepare a case and pursue justice for a client. Menifee Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright carefully attends to every aspect of the work injury case.

Menifee Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright

Workers Compensation Claims Attorney

The counsel provided by our workers compensation benefits lawyer is insightful and can lead to favorable results. Attorney Cortright helps individuals navigate their workers comp claim and reach the approval status.

Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer

On a federal and state level, the law directs that injured workers receive compensation for lost income and medical care costs related to the on-the-job injury. Mr. Cortright is a knowledgeable workers compensation benefits attorney who explains how to properly secure benefits. This can include benefits for permanent disability and temporary disability as well as medical care.

Work Injury Lawyer

Some work injuries develop over time, and some happen during one specific incident. In either case, Menifee Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright will advocate aggressively for your rights as he gains the medical care you need.

Menifee Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workplace Accident Attorney

While most companies are serious about creating a safe working environment, there are still on-the-job accidents that occur. Mr. Cortright is a workplace accident lawyer who assists clients with a wide range of injuries in the workplace.

Workers Compensation Death Benefits Lawyer

In the event that a loved one passes away after a fatal workplace accident or illness, our workers compensation death benefits attorney offers assistance gaining financial compensation. Such compensation may be owed to a spouse, qualified dependents, and other individuals.

Schedule a Consultation with a Skilled Workers Compensation Attorney

Mr. Cortright is a workers compensation attorney who has over a decade of experience assisting injured clients. If you or someone close to you has been injured because of the actions or inaction of another, Menifee Work Injury Attorney Cortright offers reliable guidance and is ready to discuss your personal injury claim.

To schedule your appointment for a free consultation, phone us at (951) 677-8064. Our case evaluation form can also be completed and submitted. Once we receive your form, we will get in contact with you.

Menifee Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright can help get your life back to normal after you experience a serious work-related injury. Call our firm to discuss how to obtain the medical care and financial compensation you deserve.

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