Lake Elsinore Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, Lake Elsinore Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright is able to assist. He knows how to help clients obtain the medical care and other workers compensation benefits they deserve.

An employee in California who is injured at work is entitled to receive monetary compensation and medical care through their employer’s workers compensation insurance. Unfortunately for many injured workers, the process of claiming those benefits can become so complex that it keeps them from gaining their benefits. Due to his many years of experience as a workers compensation claims attorney, Mr. Cortright is able to assist clients through the claims process. He cuts through unnecessary red tape and helps workers get workers comp benefits.

Lake Elsinore Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright has seen firsthand the way a serious injury at work can impact someone’s life. He works to set things right again so the client’s life can get back to normal. To arrange a free consultation about your case with Work Injury Attorney Cortright, simply call our workers compensation law firm at (951) 677-8064. You will find that our office is welcoming and Mr. Cortright is understanding, helpful, and informative to assist you in choosing the most productive options for your situation. It is important to understand what your rights and obligations are under the law. At the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright Injury Attorney, clients receive the information they need, and there are no upfront attorney fees.

When you consult with Lake Elsinore Attorney Cortright, he will inquire about the details and circumstances of your injury while working. Every possible reason for collecting compensation is carefully examined to ensure you receive the maximum amount possible.

Lake Elsinore Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright

What to Do After a Work Accident or Injury

In the event that an individual is hurt or becomes ill due to their job, it is important that the employer be notified quickly. Any needed medical care should be obtained. When an employee advises the employer of the injury or illness, this helps to establish the workers compensation claim. If the report is not made in a timely manner, medical care and financial benefits can also be delayed.

Lake Elsinore Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright is well experienced in resolving issues associated with workers compensation claims. He stands up for the rights of employees who have been denied proper medical care or had their benefits delayed due to illegal employer policies or insurance company tactics. Mr. Cortright meets with clients personally and focuses on gaining the workers comp benefits and medical attention they deserve.

Lake Elsinore Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workers Compensation Lawyer for Lake Elsinore

Mr. Cortright maintains two offices in Southern California to help injured workers. He is a strong advocate for his clients and has helped thousands of individuals with a range of workers compensation problems.

Attorney Cortright has previous experience defending insurance companies, and this perspective gives him a better understanding of how to most effectively fight these adversaries and gain justice for the injured worker. He handles every aspect of your claim.

Workers Compensation Claims Lawyer

Lake Elsinore Attorney Kevin Cortright is a skilled and experienced workers compensation benefits lawyer. He guides clients through their workers comp claim and helps them get approved.

Lake Elsinore Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright

Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer

The state and the federal government grant injured workers the right to restitution for expenses from medical care and lost wages. If you have been hurt on the job, Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney Cortright can help you gain the compensation to which you are entitled. This includes compensation for medical care, disability, and other costs.

Work Injury Lawyer

Injuries that occur from a one-time incident or from a series of events qualify for workers compensation. Lake Elsinore Work Injury Lawyer Cortright helps clients take each step needed to claim their proper benefits for injuries they received on the job. He believes in making sure the injured client’s wellbeing and rights are protected.

Lake Elsinore Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workplace Accident Attorney

Even though most companies and employers care about keeping the workplace safe, accidents and other injuries still occur. When this happens, Workplace Accident Lawyer Cortright uses his experience of more than a decade to help clients get the benefits they need for the full range of on-the-job injuries.

Workers Compensation Death Benefits Lawyer

In tragic cases where an employee has been killed due to a workplace injury, the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright Workers Compensation Death Benefits Attorney can help. He is able to assist the surviving spouse and children in addition to other qualified dependents to receive financial compensation for their severe loss.

Consult with a Skilled Workers Compensation Attorney

Assisting injured employees and workers for over ten years, Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright is highly qualified to resolve your case. Whether you have been hurt on the job or someone close to you has been injured at work, Lake Elsinore Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright can help. He knows how to examine the case, identify those responsible, and proceed with a successful workers compensation claim and, when appropriate, a third-party personal injury claim as well.

To schedule your free consultation with Lake Elsinore Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright, dial (951) 677-8064 or complete the case evaluation form online and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

By obtaining the compensation and medical care due under the law, Mr. Cortright skillfully helps individuals to recover after workplace injuries so they can begin rebuilding their lives.

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