La Quinta Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright

Have you or someone in your family been injured at work? La Quinta Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright can help injured individuals obtain the medical attention and the workers comp benefits to which they are entitled.

California employees who are injured while working have the right to financial benefits and medical care through workers compensation. However, the process of gaining benefits can become so complex that assistance is needed. Mr. Cortright is an experienced workers compensation claims attorney. He cares about helping clients receive the benefits they are due, and he knows how to cut the red tape and gain favorable results.

La Quinta Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright understands how heavily a severe injury at work may affect a person’s life, and he can help make things right again. If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation with Work Injury Lawyer Cortright to discuss your case, dial (760) 325-6900. Our law offices offer a welcoming atmosphere where clients can ask questions and find out what rights and options the law provides. Cases are accepted on contingency, with no attorney fees collected upfront.

During your consultation, La Quinta Attorney Cortright will ask about the circumstances and pertinent details of the work injury. He examines each and every area of possible liability to maximize the final amount of compensation paid to the client.

La Quinta Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright

Steps to Take After a Work Injury or Accident

If someone becomes injured or ill due to their work, it is important to notify the employer. The employee should obtain needed medical care. By reporting the injury, the workers comp claim is established. Delays in reporting can end up delaying compensation and medical attention.

Our workers compensation law firm has years of experience resolving workers comp cases. We stand up for the rights of individuals who have been provided inadequate medical care, had care delayed because of unlawful employer or insurance company tactics, or were denied benefits altogether. La Quinta Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright will meet with you personally and work diligently to attain the proper workers comp benefits along with the needed medical care.

La Quinta Work Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Workers Compensation Attorney for La Quinta

Working from his two Southern California offices, Mr. Cortright stands up for the rights of workers throughout the state. Work Injury Lawyer Cortright’s record of success includes thousands of clients dealing with a wide range of issues.

Due in part to his earlier career defending insurance companies, La Quinta Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright has the knowledge and experience needed to build an effective case and gain a positive outcome. He carefully handles every detail of your claim, including the following issues.

Workers Compensation Claims Lawyer

Mr. Cortright is a skilled workers compensation benefits attorney. His counsel can guide clients through the complicated workers comp claims process to gain approval.

Workers Comp Benefits Attorney

Both federal and state laws uphold the right of an injured worker to receive restitution for the cost of medical care as well as lost wages due to their work injury. Workers Compensation Benefits Lawyer Cortright can discuss your case and help you secure the medical, disability, and other financial compensation to which you are entitled.

La Quinta Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright

Work Injury Attorney

Whether the injury developed over a period of time on the job or was due to a single incident, La Quinta Work Injury Attorney Cortright takes the necessary steps to safeguard the client’s wellbeing and lawful rights.

Workplace Accident Lawyer

While it is true that most employers are committed to maintaining a safe workplace, accidents and injuries on the job still occur. Workplace Accident Attorney Cortright has over ten years of experience and knows how to assist clients who have had a range of work injuries.

Workers Compensation Death Benefits Attorney

In cases where the worker has died as the result of a workplace injury, our workers compensation death benefits lawyer assists the wife or husband, children, and any other qualified dependents to gain the financial compensation due them.

La Quinta Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright

Consult with an Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

For more than a decade, Workers Compensation Lawyer Cortright has been assisting injured workers. If you or someone close to you has suffered an injury caused by the action or inaction of another party, La Quinta Work Injury Lawyer Cortright can provide knowledgeable guidance on a third-party personal injury claim.

Our law firm can be reached at (760) 325-6900 to schedule an initial consultation at no charge. Our online case evaluation form can also be used. We will respond promptly.

By gaining the financial compensation and medical care needed, La Quinta Workers Compensation Attorney Cortright helps clients put their lives back together after an injury at work.

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