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Cumulative Trauma Injuries, according to the California Workers Compensation Law, are classified as injuries that develop over time, or due to a series of incidences or repetitive activities. This type of injury may not become apparent for some time. As a highly experienced Workers Comp Cumulative Trauma Injury Lawyer, Kevin Cortright works closely with workers who have sustained cumulative trauma injuries. He helps clients obtain quality medical treatment and the maximum financial benefits.

Workplace injuries are separated by the way the injury occurred: specific injury or cumulative trauma injury. Workers who are injured on the job are eligible for medical and financial benefits from the workers compensation system. The type of benefits the worker receives will depend on the nature of the injury. With more than ten years’ experience, Mr. Cortright aggressively fights to help each client receive the maximum amount of benefits.

Murrieta and Palm Springs Workers Compensation Cumulative Trauma Injury Attorney Kevin M. Cortright recognizes the emotional and financial stresses that accompany the physical pain of a work injury. Mr. Cortright listens to the goals of each client and helps the client obtain those goals.

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Workers Compensation Cumulative Trauma Injury Attorney

Kinds of Workers Compensation Cumulative Trauma Injuries

A cumulative trauma injury takes time to develop. The damage occurs as a result of repetitive activity or due to repeated micro-traumas that cause physical injury. The worker may not notice this injury or illness for several months or even years. A cumulative trauma injury and repetitive stress injury can happen in any industry and can include many diverse situations.

When a work injury is caused by the repeated performance of work activities, it is classified as a cumulative trauma injury. The following injuries are considered cumulative trauma injuries:

  • An office worker develops Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • A construction worker develops respiratory issues due to asbestos.
  • An administrator develops a neck injury after years of looking at a computer screen.
  • A plumber develops back problems.
  • Lifting heavy items causes a retail worker to develop back problems.
  • Exposure to constant loud noises causes hearing loss in a technician.
  • Regular use of toxic chemicals causes the worker to develop a respiratory disease.
Workers Compensation Cumulative Trauma Injury Lawyer

There are any number of ways a worker can develop these type of injuries. Although the law requires employers to maintain a working environment that is safe and free of hazards, workplace injuries and accidents still happen. In every industry and at any level of employment, an employee may sustain serious injuries.

If the work injury has developed from the worker performing some type of work-related action, the cumulative trauma injury is covered under California’s workers compensation benefits. As a highly skilled Palm Springs and Murrieta Workers Compensation Cumulative Trauma Injury Lawyer, Kevin Cortright is prepared to help you understand how the workers compensation process works.

Workers Compensation Cumulative Trauma Injury Law Firm

Common workplace injuries include:

  • Back and Neck Injuries
  • Vision or Hearing Impairment
  • Respiratory Illnesses
  • Lung Disease
  • Illness due to Toxic Exposure

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