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Cathedral City Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright helps clients obtain financial compensation and quality medical care after an on-the-job injury. If you have gotten hurt at work, Mr. Cortright will fight for your right to the workers comp benefits that you deserve.

With extensive experience handling workplace injury claims, Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright understands the tremendous impact a serious work injury may have on your life. Your finances could be affected if the injury keeps you from going to work and earning an income. Your emotional well-being might decline due to the stress of not being able to provide for your family. Contact our office for a confidential, free consultation. We accept these matters on contingency, and you do not pay for our services upfront.

Mr. Cortright is a highly knowledgeable work injury attorney who will help you understand how the law offers protection in your unique situation. It does not matter how the injury occurred, whether it was a workplace accident, or who was at fault. California law mandates employers are fully liable for covering all of the costs related to a work injury, and Cathedral City Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright can help you gain access to the benefits you need.

Cathedral City Workers Comp Lawyer

Hurt at Work? What’s Next?

If you have sustained an injury at work, it is important to notify your employer immediately. If your injury was one that developed over time, you should inform your employer as soon as symptoms appear. The injury notification begins the workers compensation claims process. If the notification is delayed, your benefits may be delayed.

Often, an employer will send an injured worker to their own doctors. These doctors may not have your best interests as the top priority, and they may offer you substandard care. Cathedral City Workers Comp Attorney Kevin Cortright sees that his clients receive the high quality medical care that is needed. He is well aware of the unlawful practices of insurance companies denying these claims, and he fights for you to receive the best care possible.

Cathedral City Workers Comp Attorney

Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney Representation

As an experienced workers compensation benefits lawyer, Mr. Cortright guides clients through each step of the process. Depending on the severity and circumstances of your work injury, you may qualify for one or more of the following workers compensation benefits:

  • Medical and Rehabilitative Care
  • Temporary Disability Payments
  • Permanent Disability Payments
  • Job Retraining Benefits

Workplace Accident Attorney Serving Cathedral City

Although some types of jobs have a higher incidence of injury, no industry is immune from workplace accidents or injuries. Work injuries are generally classified by the way in which the injury occurred. Specific injuries are the result of a one-time accident or event. Cumulative injuries occur due to repeated exposure or repeated use.

Workplace Accident Lawyer Cortright pursues every avenue of liability. When an injury is the fault of another person, company, or entity, Mr. Cortright may be able to bring legal action in a third-party personal injury lawsuit to seek additional damages for your injury.

Cathedral City Workers Compensation Lawyer

Workers Comp Death Benefits Lawyer Seeking Justice for You

If your spouse has passed away due to a work injury or workplace accident, you, your children, and your dependents may be entitled to additional benefits. Workers Compensation Death Benefits Attorney Kevin Cortright is highly knowledgeable in these matters and provides compassionate assistance as he advocates for your best interests.

Contact a Knowledgeable Cathedral City Workers Comp Attorney Today

If you are hurt on the job, seeking the advice of a highly qualified workers compensation lawyer may be the best way for you to gain access to these benefits. The process for attaining workers compensation is much more than filling out forms. There are many deadlines and different individuals, businesses, and entities which handle these claims. Having a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side may be beneficial in obtaining the maximum compensation possible for your injury.

Call (760) 325-6900 or connect with us online to arrange for a confidential consultation with Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Cortright. We represent clients from two convenient offices, and are prepared to help you get back to your life after the injury.


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