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Have you been injured on the job working for Amazon? Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright understands the challenges facing Amazon workers who get hurt at work. With extensive experience helping injured workers, the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright handles Workers Compensation Claims for employees who are injured in Amazon warehouses and facilities in California. We also represent employees injured during the delivery of Amazon packages.

Whether your injury happened at a local Amazon Fulfillment Center, or whether you were involved in a workplace accident at an Amazon Distribution Center, Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright can help you recover the benefits and financial compensation you need.

Attorney Kevin Cortright understands the demands that warehouse associates, warehouse managers, fulfillment associates, delivery drivers, and other employees working for Amazon experience daily. In such a demanding, fast-paced environment, injuries may occur. Workers Compensation Attorney and Amazon Warehouse Injury Lawyer Kevin Cortright helps injured workers access the benefits to which they are legally entitled.

Call (951) 677-8064 or (760) 325-6900 and make an appointment to discuss your situation during a free consultation. Mr. Cortright has extensive experience in this field. He will answer your questions, help you understand your rights, and develop a plan for helping you obtain Workers Compensation Benefits while you recover.

Because our workers compensation law firm accepts work injury cases on contingency, our clients do not pay attorney fees in advance. We pursue the maximum compensation in exchange for a portion of the recovery.

Amazon Warehouse Injury? We Offer Help for Your Injury.

If you have sustained a work injury while working for Amazon, your employer needs to know. California’s guidelines for injured workers state that notifying an employer of a work injury should happen right after the injury occurs. If an injury has developed over time, the employer should be notified as early as possible.

Due to the nature of work inside the busy Amazon fulfillment centers, workplace accidents are bound to happen. From lifting heavy boxes or unloading and loading delivery vehicles, an employee may hurt his or her back. Or, an injury may develop over time due to the repetitive nature of the job. A slip and fall accident might result in a broken limb or serious head trauma. Whether the injury is a serious, catastrophic injury or a less injurious one, Workers Compensation Lawyer Kevin Cortright is prepared to help you file your claim.

Amazon Worker Injury Attorney

Workers Compensation Benefits for Amazon Employees

If you are an Amazon employee who has been injured on the job, you may be eligible for Workers Compensation Benefits. Depending on the circumstances and extent of your injury, you may be qualified to receive one or more of the following:

  • Medical Care
  • Rehabilitative Care
  • Temporary Disability Payments
  • Permanent Disability Payments
  • Job Skills Retraining Benefits

If you are a family member of an Amazon worker who perished in a work accident, you may be entitled to receive Workers Comp Death Benefits.

Amazon Worker Injury Lawyer

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Attorney Kevin Cortright is skilled at helping injured workers obtain benefits and financial compensation after a work injury. He understands the workplace risks you face at Amazon, and he is experienced at negotiating with insurance companies to achieve a positive outcome for his clients.

When negligence is found to involve another person or business, Mr. Cortright may also pursue a third-party liability lawsuit on the client’s behalf.

Contact Amazon Work Injury Attorney Kevin Cortright at (951) 677-8064 or (760) 325-6900 or online for a free consultation. He is dedicated to protecting your rights and helping you obtain the benefits and financial compensation you need for recovery.